High Intensity, Calorie Incinerating Cardio Kickboxing


You'll See Incredible Results with Cardio Kickboxing

70 Pounds Lost

Rhea and Erica:
These identical twins put their competitive natures to the test by challenging and pushing each other and have seen amazing results!

45 Pounds Lost

Busy mother of 4 made the decision to take her body back. Through very hard work, consistency, and diet, she's almost to her goal weight!

65 Pounds Lost

Always giving 100%, Adrienne got on top of her diet, followed the meal plans, worked very hard and has almost hit her goal weight!

70 Pounds Lost

Determined to get back to her high school weight, Michela has worked very hard to lose 70 pounds and is still going!

Over 68 Pounds!

Unreal dedication to not only working hard but following the meal plans helped Janell lose over 68 pounds with us.

Over 65 Pounds

Struggling with a thyroid problem, Angela refused to give up or let it slow her down. She's lost over 65 pounds!

What Our Members Say

"Knockout Fitness has gotten me in best shape of my life."

"I feel & look better than I did 10 years ago when I 1st moved to Houston in my early 20's! I am excited to..." more

Knockouts Member, Rhea

"Knockouts Fitness for Women is awesome!"

"The routines are never the same, they mix it up so every muscle gets worked out at least once a week. Some days you concentrate on your abs, other days, your arms..." more

Knockouts Member, Jo

"Knockouts fitness for Women is wonderful!"

"The workouts are awesome and change all the time so you never get bored! The trainers are very motivating and will help you no matter what level you are at!"

Knockouts Member, Lesley

"If you want a super workout that produces results, look no further"

"Knockouts is definitely the place. The trainers are amazing---supportive, motivating and..." more

Knockouts Member, Heather

"Knockouts is a wonderful place to work out "

"Knockouts is a wonderful place to work out with great trainers (Mark, Ryan, Dave) and to work out with some great women.  We encourage each other, motivate each other..." more

Knockouts Member, Dee

"Knockouts is awesome!!"

"Knockouts is awesome!!  I signed up a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical at first but now I can't wait to go workout."

Knockouts Member, Tamara

"Definitely something for all fitness levels."

"The guys are very dedicated to the ladies at Knockouts. Your goals are their goals as well. Classes are fun, motivating, challenging and worth every minute you..." more

Knockouts Member, Denise

"I love knockouts!"

The workouts are rarely ever the same so you never get bored and the trainers are wonderful. I enjoy it because it is a very intense 30 minute all women class. Depending..." more

Knockouts Member, Shana

"Knockouts by far is the best workout experience I have ever had"

"I am not the biggest fan of working out but I know it is something that I need to do! Knockouts..." more

Knockouts Member, Erica

"Knockout Fitness has gotten me in best shape of my life."

I feel & look better than I did 10 years ago when I 1st moved to Houston in my early 20's! I am excited to put on..." more

Knockouts Member, Rhea

"I highly recommend this class"

Knockouts is a total workout and is absolutely the best workout I have ever done. It is a 30 minute intense workout that benefits your total body. The trainers Dave, Ryan and Mark are the best..." more

Knockouts Member, Carol

"This place is amazing!"

Dave, Ryan and Mark are very attentive and motivating.  The girls in the classes are friendly and help you coming back..." more

Knockouts Member, Carol
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High Energy Workouts

Workouts are always changing, always challenging and fun. It's a fast paced, well structured environment and you won't have to think. All you have to do is show up, we'll make it fun!

Help with Diet

Critical to your success is how you eat. Diet will always be 80% of your weight loss success. We will work with you on your diet, help you plan and answer any questions you have to insure your success.

We Keep You On Track

We are going to track your progress, keep weighing you weekly, watch what you are eating and make sure you're pushing yourself to the best of your ability.